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Hello From Arkansas

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  • Hello From Arkansas

    I guess you can say I'm a newbie...I am here any way...I mainly hang out on BLF. I live in Arkansas and I build/mod lights rather than purchase stock lights...with that being said, I actually own/have owned several Thrunite lights...

    TN35 - Modded w/fet
    TN4A HI - Modded battery caarrier to 4P - Added driver contact board from Oshpark and fet driver with moppydrv
    TN4A - Mod in progress
    TN12 2016 Stock (Absolute Favorite)
    T10 - Modded w/fet+1 Bistro & XP-L V6 3D
    T10T - Modded w/fet+1 Bistro & XP-L V6 3D
    TI3 x 2 Stock

    I find the quality of Thrunites light bodies to be quite exceptional. I would prefer higher output but that's not very practical when selling lights to non-flashaholic consumers. The moonlight on most of the lights is very low and the neutral white tint is about the best that I've found on the market. I plan to purchase the nw version of the Neutron 2C as soon as it becomes available.