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38th week activity with award-What is your favorite backpack? Why?

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  • 38th week activity with award-What is your favorite backpack? Why?

    Dear Friends,

    Nice to see you again!

    Here comes our 38th week activity with award- What is your favorite backpack? Why?

    Starts from Sep 14,2015 to Sep 20,2015 (GMT). We will choose 3 winners, each will be awarded with a flashlight.

    You can talk about your favorite backpack and show some photos following this thread.

    Good luck!

    Yours Sincerely

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    I like this one: : The North Face Recon Daypack (Forest Night Green/Asphalt Grey) : Clothing


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      My personal favourite would have to be the Everki Flight. Terrific looking backpack, a little pricy, but it can be as compact as you like, or expand to be a great day pack. Lots of little pockets, and can take a laptop in the back compartment. The backpack can open flat as well, and can be taken through airport security very easily because of it. The back of the everki is padded nicely to allow airflow, and after a few years of being my go-to backpack, I have yet to have anything go wrong.
      Amazing quality backpack, highly recommend to anyone looking for a bag to use, for just about anything.
      Everki Welcome to the future of air travel. A Checkpoint Friendly laptop backpack that is the picture of comfort, organization, space, and style, think of the Flight as a perk for the frequent flyer – a promise from Everki to you that however you travel, your belongings will always go first class. EKP119


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        I've had many packs over the years, but I have been focused on pack weight reduction and shorter trips. So with that in mind, I currently have 2 favorite packs: Camelback Alpine Explorer for quick 2-3 day trips and Dana Design Bomb Pack for extended 3-5 day trips. I like the Camelback due to its size and capacity (just enough space for those required items) and the Dana for expandability in the event I need more gear.


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          I am partial to bergens. So my favorite would have to be the Current UK Military Issue 45 litre bergen which I have in MTP. I like that the main compartment has no zipper, so I don't have to worry about it breaking. Plus, I like how you can add side pouches to the pack to expand its size by up to 15 litres. I have had it for 3 years now and I am looking forward to buying another as a backup!


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            I love my Camelback BFM Bob and my EDC HAWG.


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              I know Eddie Bauer is very "mainstream", but I've had great success with many of their bags. Not only have they lasted a long time, but they've looked really good the whole time too. Of the 4 EB packs/bags I have right now, most of which are 10-20 years old, 3 are still in great shape (1 has a problem with the lining, but still very good).

              Those are good for hiking and everyday use. I'm still trying to find the perfect travel duffel / backpack for next summer's train trip. Being on a train for several days in a row comes with its own set of requirements, and I've not found the perfect solution yet.


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                Hi everybody,

                I use a lot of backpacks, but lately one of my favourites is the old Meszok, it's a vintage soviet backpack. For those of you who like there gear to be organised i wouldn't recommend it, since it's like a bag with shoulder straps. I use this pack for two days hiking trips, or kayaking or sailing. It's quite comfortable but the most important it's very user-friendly, just throw your stuff in and you are ready to go.

                If you have a chance just try it, but it might be difficult ti get one in the US, but there are lots of them in Europe and they cost almost nothing.

                You can see it here:


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                  What use is gear if you don't have a place to carry it? Backpacks are an essential item for all outdoor enthusiasts. My favorite backpack is the condor Compact assault backpack. This backpack is great for camping or hiking. Not only does it have lots of pockets to organize your gear, but it also has mole attachments on the outside so you can carry with you a tactical flashlight, or a knife. The small size of the pack is good for day hikes or edc. Another great thing about the backpack is that it just looks awesome. Backpacks are an essential item for all outdoor enthusiasts. My favorite backpack is the condor compact assault backpack.


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                    I've been using an Urban Tech New System backpack by Fico for some four years now. It wears well, breathes well on the backrest (especially important for a user that sweats mostly on his back like I do), resists water splashes without getting damp inside, and has pockets for everything. Be it for university, for EDC or even for road biking of decent lengths, it's never let me down even once. The waist strap could be better, on the other hand - I'm somewhat barrel-chested, and so even on max length, I can't wrap it around my ribs, it's a stomach-exclusive fit.

                    Though I'm not sure this brand sells anywhere outside of South America. But you guys with Amazon coverage have Condor and Maxpedition and other good brands, so it's all good
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                      i currently carry an alice pack but i have my eye on a mystery ranch 3 day assault
                      However it's just way to expensive
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                        I have been using an S.O.C. 3 say pass backpack as my daily work bag for about 6 years now. Hard to beat that kind of duarabilty.


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                          Welcome to our forum!

                          Thank you for sharing your experience here.

                          It's a pity that this activity ended on Sep 20, 2015.