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  • Favorite EDC knives

    Hey guys, post about your favorite EDC knives here! Tell us why you like it, and how long you've been carrying it with you. Whether big or small, folding or fixed blade, modern or old fashion, EDC knifes are important for daily life.

    My favorite knife is the Kershaw Cryo Blackwash. I've been carrying it with me for about a month, and I really like it. It comes RAZOR sharp out of the box, and overall just looks really cool. Designed by Rick Hinderer, this speedsafe knife is a great budget edc knife. Here's the link if your interested:


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    Since last September or so, I've been carrying a SCHRADE Nitro folder. It's a VERY nice liner lock, perfectly sized for a large hand like mine. The blade is sharper than a laser, the mechanism is piss-easy to operate, one-handed even with enough practice.

    The only thing I can really say is bad in it was the pocket clip, which was too thin for its own good and ended up irrepairably bent when it got hooked up on a chair. It broke and left such a nasty edge, it was fraying the fabric of my pockets; I had to file it off.

    Curiously, it appears to be a discontinued line. A search in English at best leads to a closed off Ebay page that told me it's an SQ312 model, far removed from the current Nitro line.

    I'll also take this time and ask that, if anyone knows anything about this folder, PLEASE let me know!
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      Cool knife! You said you couldn't find it, are you sure this isn't it? It says Shcrade Nitro on it.


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        Nope, that's the more modern line with the "tacticool"-looking handle and the tanto blade. Mine looks like this.


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          I am carrying a Kershaw Blur now. Love the convenience of the assisted open knives.


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              A little confused. You said 7 replys and 10 replys would qualify someone for a free flashlight. Which one is it ?


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                Colorado MountainMan

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                  Thanks for clarification. My EDC knife is an old Remington 3 blade pocket knife. I have lost my cheap folder from home depot. I'll upgrage after I buy my TN12 light.


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                    My EDC knife is a Leatherman C300. I've had if for years but started carrying it with me on January. I like the blade launcher.


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                      Oh nice, i like knives! actually i got to flashlights from knives!

                      As for the EDC, i live in a city and i tried to EDC several knives to figure out what works the best for me!

                      I carried a big fixed blade in a leather sheath (GEK 2000)- had a big disadvantage when i wore pants without a belt! i also felt like that big of a knife isnt necesary but it sure felt cool

                      next i had tried several pocket carry knives, id name OPINEL as my favorite because its leight weight and very sharp, however i figured i have ALWAYS forget to take it out of my pocket when i switch pants! so pocket knives ended there - or lost somewhere in the woods

                      after that ï got a present from a friend, it was a FOLTS Minimalist, at first i thought that such a small knife would be completely useless! How wrong i was! It is a neck knife so no need for pockets or beltts! very useful in the city i could even wear it with clothes without pockets and in winter you can take your knife out no matter how many layers you wear!

                      Ive been carrying it ever since, its been about three years and i still use it.

                      I can definatelly reccomend neck knives guys! its the best way to EDC knives for me!


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                        Well unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!) here in England its difficult to carry a blade around in public. Any recommendations on the smaller type blades under 3 inches so as to not get me arrested!!


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                          Originally posted by James View Post
                          Well unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!) here in England its difficult to carry a blade around in public. Any recommendations on the smaller type blades under 3 inches so as to not get me arrested!!
                          My old Nitro SQ312 is about 2-2,5", so you might want to check out their line. SOG has a few models like that, too, but I still prefer SCHRADE.


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                            My favorite EDC knife is, well I have two, my Benchmade Rift and Leatherman wave. I have owned the wave for roughly five years now and the Benchmade about three years. I really enjoy the Axis lock and I like scuffing up the black coating on the Benchmade to show my years of wear and tear. I really enjoy the functionality of the Leatherman. I feel these two go very good with my Thrunite flashlights.


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                              Hi every one
                              As a folding knife i edc an ontario rat 2 or sanrenmu 7010 and i'm Looking for one with orange handles to match with a juice s2
                              i like small blades 3 inches and 4 inches handles 4 ounces it is difficulté to find higher end blades steel that stays at or under 3 inches
                              for the moment i am starrind at spyderco sage 2 only starring .......: (
                              may the force be with all of us ......; )