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One AMAZING EDC Flashlight!!!

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  • One AMAZING EDC Flashlight!!!

    I work in a large department of a factory with only two other personnel and we have a lot of machinery from floor to 35 foot ceiling, with lighting ranging from scant to okay. Sometimes we have problems and there is one of us on the floor and the other up high in a lift trying to fix things. Thankfully, I have my ThruNight TN12 CW 2016 flash light. I am able to illuminate the workspace for my colleagues to work without him having to either wield his light in his hand or his mouth to get the job done, and thanks to the multiple brightness settings, I can dim it when I am working close-up without the reflection blinding me. If I am having a problem and need help, I just switch to the strobe setting to get the other guys' attention and they come to my aid. I haven't see it in the documentation, but this light, when the battery charge starts to get low, will blink the light a couple of times every few seconds to let you know that you're needing a charge. It fits comfortably in my pocket and the spring clip holds it securely. The ONLY THING I wish was included on this light that wasn't is if the body had been machined so that the spring clip could be installed in reverse so that I could clip it to the bill of my cap to use for a headlamp. As it is, the clip is really only useful for carrying or storage. Having served in Iraq in 2004-2005 with my national guard unit, I really wish I had had one of these with me, not only for the brightness, but because of the compactness and versatility. The beam can be dimmed to a level not much different than the moonlight which makes it useful as well as tactical. If this model is ever updated to allow reverse spring clip installation so that I can attach it to the bill of my cap, I'll gladly buy two more so that I'll have one for my boat and one for work. All in all I'd have to give this flash light a 4.99 stars out of 5.
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